Look after the goldfish bowl!

Much of what passes for modern news plays on our our emotional states, often quite deliberately. 

Hence the presentation of Syria last year and the alleged chemical attack carried out by Assad’s forces, used very quickly by the US and UK to make preparations for war, only voted down in Britain’s case by memories of Iraq. unreported go the finding s later last year that what chemical attack there may have been was likely to have been carried out by the rebels, many of whom were western-backed. 

There’s a similar presentation going on now with the Ukraine. after a western-backed coup, the new government is immediately given lots of legitimisation (as apposed to vilification of the Russians) by western powers. there are similar reasons at play; Russia is an important protector of Syria and everyone watching knows that America has plans to get both Syria then Iran predating 9/11. 

Closer to home we see it in the perennial arguments about foreigners and immigration, so everyone is familiar with the arguments of them taking our jobs’ or ‘benefit scrounging’ – or both these days in the strange policies we’ve adopted. 

Whose murder is all over our screens? The Pistorius trial. It’s there for shock value, involves a celebrity, they’re both white. Was it a tragedy or a murder? Why should it matter to us,thousands of miles away? Actually it doesn’t. It’s there to entertain and to give us something to gossip about. Do we know as much about the 1 or 2 murders a day in Britain? no, of course not. For some reason, they’re not as newsworthy. But why? They’re no less a human tragedy, so if we value human lives surely we should be more concerned about those, read about them, be told about them?

There’s more to being human than any given emotional state.  This is quite important for those of us who live in pathological societies like America or Britain. America has the school of counselling tricks known as NLP, or new age thinking like The Secret, or The Seven Habits of Successful People. But to think that a mindset will cure all our ills is delusional, even if it is temporarily helpful. It arises out of the How to Get Rich school, something America has become very good at. A good contrast for The Secret would be The Wolf of Wall Street – where individuals also get fabulously wealthy and successful – by lying and at the expense of others.

For all Americans to be as rich as their own richest have become would mean the destruction of the planet (already far advanced). We’d be better off with a global ethic such as ‘Live simply, that others may simply live’. This starts from a more global understanding and imperatives arising out of the known macro effects humans are having. The biggest single class in the way of this are the rich and powerful, most of whom haven’t got there by the ‘Law of Attraction’ but through inherited wealth, position and exploitation of others or the earth or both.

Foremostly, we’re social beings and the health of the society will influence how generally healthy the individuals are, rather than the other way around. Like fish in a goldfish bowl – one enlightened fish may teach the others how to enjoy life, but if the water’s poisoned, the progress is short-lived. We have to look after the goldfish bowl now (even if it makes some people unhappy).


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