Tied to a runaway train…


Naomi Klein (new book, This Changes Everything) has a point. In fact, the only point from here on in, and the one that dictates the others.

Take war: the reason we’ve started these wars is for advantage, whether that’s for oil contracts (Iraq, Libya), or territorial advantage from non-allies (Syria (on the way to oil-rich Iran), Ukraine (challenging Russia)).

Imperial motives aren’t humane ones. Funny, we had something similar about 100 years ago; empires, including ours, rubbing up against each other. I don’t remember that ending well.

If anything the US-UK empire is more aggressive. We often may not see it because ours are masters of propaganda and only do anything from the most humanitarian of principles. But we’ve so run out of planet to exploit that for years we’ve been profit-mining the future of the economy itself, let alone the planet which comes a poor third.

Green Party policy doesn’t start from how can we better exploit everything and everybody, it starts from the point of sustainability: how do we put less strain on each other and on the environment, how do we harmonise life, society and nature. These are immensely valuable ideas.

They’re also hard to remember when you’re tied to the back of a runaway train.


10 thoughts on “Tied to a runaway train…

    • Arms.
      I many years , the Uk is the world’s leading arms dealer.
      So recently, while remembering wars, it’s ten times more important to build peace – or else we’ll get more war.
      But looking at the UK’s ready stance to bomb Libya, and now Syria, gun-toting into Afghanistan and then Iraq, then it’s clear why the Green Party is calling for the UK to leave NATO and bin Trident. Nail PEACE to the door.

  1. Read this.

    — Dr Louise Irvine, a GP in Lewisham, South East London, who is standing against Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt for the National Health Action party at the general election next year, said: “It is shocking that an arms manufacturer may end up running NHS services.

    “Money will be taken from frontline care to provide profits for arms manufacturers – is this something that the public signed up for? And the government still dares to pretend there is no NHS privatisation?

    “This is just further evidence that this Government’s health policy is spiralling out of control.”


    Watch this.

  2. Asteroids sometimes whack the Earth and cause mass extinction. Does the Green party expect to control this regularly occuring process so that natural mass extinction ceases to occur on Earth, to be replaced by a managed steady state evolutionary process, and preserve humans as the most advanced species forever ?

    • Yes John. I’d hope so.
      there’s a great TED talk on just that –

      Chomsky’s point still stands though :Nature’s only experiment with higher intelligence seems doomed to failure…

      • Ha, who is this John ? I am Zorro, the masked one.

        So what you are proposing is, ideally, Green party control and regulation of every life form, and simultaneously a ban on all extra-terrestrial economic activity in order to preserve the dictum that growth is unsustainable due to Earth’s resource limits ?

      • Chomsky can say that if he wants. But as we now know humanity has been knocked down to a handful of people in prehistory
        and the descendents of those handful currently number about 7,000,000,000 – and they live in the middle of deserts, bush, ice fields and jungles.
        All you need is one breeding pair to survive any calamity and the experiment continues. Relax and enjoy the desertification, resource wars, contamination and mass culling – we’ll get through it.

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