Is the Green Party anti-science?


The Green Movement owes a great deal to science, but is sometimes portrayed as anti-science. This is primarily in connection with the opposition of many in the Green Movement to genetically modified food and nuclear power. However this opposition is not an opposition to science, but to these particular technologies. (More)

But a few articles want to weigh in to try to discredit Greens. Here’s one.  

The article implies we wouldn’t treat cancer properly. Not so . However, chemical and radiation treatment is particularly aggressive, and there is more to say, without having to watch the entire series of Breaking Bad!  One example, the placebo effect is a well-honoured effect in medicine, and often a tribute to the power of the human mind as well as the body. What a number of alternative therapies do is seek to harness that and strengthen it. No-one in the Green Party is talking about an aromatherapy cure for cancer, for example! I’m not aware of any CLAIMS for alternative medicine that Greens are backing.

That article is distinctly pro-GM which, in the single form of high fructose corn syrup is America’s biggest health problem, in my opinion (we don’t have it here, nor GMOs generally). The Green Party regards GM as a major environmental problem, polluting natural genes (there have been a number of legal cases). The economic warfare in GM agriculture is marked too, with famers having to adopt a system, often deliberately bred into the seed, and farmers in poorer countries being prevent ed from keeping seed for the next generation.  

The author may be confusing the descriptor “anti-science” with the phrase “anti-huge economic benefits for the various multinationals concerned.” To which we would put our hands up.

Our health policy is here. Read it,. See what you think.

Stem cell –  the author, back in 2009 (the article), also attacks Greens for being anti-stem cell. I had to look it up but here it is:

“The Green Party acknowledges the existing and potential future benefits to humans and other animals from stem cell technologies, using both adult and embryonic cellular material. These benefits include direct medical advances, improved non-animal testing methods for new medical treatments, and the advancement of knowledge. However, we also emphasize the importance of continuing ethical regulation, adequate government funding, and transparency of research in the areas of embryonic and adult stem cell technologies, to protect donors and the public health.”

Not unreasonable.

Martin Deane



Austerity – it’s not on the Green Party agenda.

council-pressures Cuts to hit Hull City Council are expected to be the biggest in the country next year, bar Knowsley in Liverpool, as the table shows.

This is not unknown.

Governments in power will seek to weaken and marginalise the opposition groups within their own communities. Hence the two worst hit councils are Labour councils – whilst the better off councils will be, as if by magic, Tory ones.

But Hull has been hit hard enough, by first a Lib Dem administration and then a Labour council. Due to the decision by these ruling parties, Hull has lost about 2000 jobs to cuts so far.

But austerity is not on the Green Party’s agenda. What Hull needs is Green Party councillors to fight for budgets we can live with  – rather than the likely hundreds, maybe thousands, of job losses to come.

But there’s another problem.

Across the region, when Green Party councillors have presented their own budget motions designed to save valuable jobs and essential services, they have been stonewalled and voted down by other councillors whether Labour or Conservative or combined.

This isn’t logical; it’s vindictive. It’s deliberately not giving perfectly good suggestions and ideas a chance.

The cure is obvious – elect MORE Green Party councillors – in Sheffield, in Leeds, in Kirklees – and help get those budget alternatives through.

This is desperately needed in Hull too – before Hull’s public sector jobs and services become a thing of the past – as the national Labour Party seems committed to with their wholehearted adoption of austerity.

The people want well-functioning services, elderly to be looked after, people with disability to have a chance, social housing that’s secure, social work that does the job not increasingly rushed and pressurised, cultural assets like museums, well-staffed and open for the people, and the thousand other things a well-functioning council must do.

While the wealth of the 1% is rocketing, the obvious and necessary solution is better taxation. Austerity – it’s not on the people’s agenda either.

Crawberry Solidarity – We want the frackers to go!


PHOTO: Hull and East Riding Greens attended in solidarity today’s Crawberry Hill anti-fracking celebration. L to R: Tim Greene (Haltemprice and Howden candidate), Angela Needham (with her back to us! For Hull west and Hessle), Natalie Hurst (Brigg and Goole, looking to camera), Mike Lammiman (Hull council candidate), Val Mager (Beverley resident and first arrestee at the site), Martin Deane (Hull North), Jon Mager (husband of Val and also a first arrestee at the site), and Richard Howarth (for Beverley and Holderness).

A great day today at Crawberry Hill. The best part of 200 people attended to stand in solidarity with the Protectors’ Camp as it now completes 8 whole months of presence and deterrent at the site. All walks of life were represented! Young and old, workers, students and pensioners. Cllr Gill Kennett of Hull City Council spoke; a Hull Unison official handed me their latest bulletin which promoted Frack Free Yorkshire on its front page! There was a welcome contingent from Greenpeace. Media and photographers were there too. There were protectors, supporters, people from villages for miles around, a group from the Manchester campaign from Barton Moss. I’m sure I saw Bez from the Happy Mondays there too! And all this despite cold temperatures and a icy wind that got to your ears and fingers! 

The threat of eviction still stands from East Riding Council. We have yet to hear if defensive court action will dismiss this. Unlike Hull City Council, East Riding has not yet made a commitment against fracking but is doing everything it can to enable it – and thus putting at risk local land, air, and water, the latter especially important as it supplies the city of Hull.  

There were a number of speeches. I was pleased to introduce the Green Party and emphasise our anti-fracking policy – alone among the main parties. I mentioned Green Party candidates in attendance particularly Angela Needham for West Hull, and announced Richard Howarth who is currently under selection to fight Beverley and Holderness against the pro-fracking Tory incumbent.

Richard is already a byword in the local anti-fracking campaign as he has spoken to any number of villages across the sub-region about the dangers of fracking and what is really going on. Both the oil industry sites, at Crawberry Hill and at West Newton A and B are in his Beverley and Holderness constituency.

Two-thirds of the country has been licensed for fracking. Only popular pressure, resistance, camps, direct action, and voting against pro-fracking parties, will see them off.

Comments on the topic are invited.