The Green Party welcomes Siemens.

Diana Johnson asked in House of Commons yesterday: “Is the Secretary of State aware that the UK Independence party opposes that investment and those jobs coming to Hull, and that the Greens are calling for a boycott of Siemens locally as well?”

My Twitter reply –

– “Greens are calling for a boycott of Siemens locally” – No, we’re not. We never have. We haven’t even discussed it.

– As I informed you explicitly before when you first pushed this 2 months ago.

Our full response: –

The Green Party will welcome Siemens to Hull, its commitment to renewable energy and the 700 jobs it will bring.

Frequently mentioned are 10,000 knock-on jobs from this but we challenge those interested to come up with figures, otherwise it’s just wishful thinking.
700 jobs will be most welcome in an area with high unemployment such as Hull. But 700 jobs hardly matches the 2000 jobs cut by the Labour council and the Lib Dem council before that, promoting the government’s austerity.
hull-cuts-2ndNevertheless, Siemens is a huge multinational, and as such, not the Greens first port of call as we would prefer creating a smaller scale energy-generating democracy – such as Green Party councillors in West Yorkshire are already delivering with solar panels and free electricity for 4000 tenants.
Figures show Hull is going to be the second worst affected council by cuts this year across the whole country.
So after years of delay landing a contract, we look forward to the Siemens jobs actually starting.
Martin Deane
Hull and East Riding Green Party

Say NO to Hull fluoridation


Here’s Dr Paul Connett on the truth about Fluoridation. (Author of 50 Reasons against Fluoridation)

c.5m: Makes point of how tiny the fraction of fluoride is in mother’s milk.

c.20m: Amount of fluoride isn’t relevant to dental health in an area. The wealth of the citizens is a much better indicator.

c.55m: Use of fluoride is topical. You don’t stick it in the water.

On Jan 15, it was announced that Hull City Council is to pursue the fluoridation of the city’s water supply.

We object to this on the following grounds:

  • most of the world’s countries show marked improvements in dental health with or without fluoridation (Image search: WHO fluoride)
  • fluoridation is mass medication with no control of dosage and without informed consent.
  • Germany, Denmark and the UK enjoy the lowest dental decay in the EU, however only the UK partly fluoridates.
  • Most of the world does not fluoridate – but still shows marked dental health improvement. Only 11% of the UK population is fluoridated.
  • Fluoride is the only chemical added to water for medical treatment.
  • There are easy alternatives – eg, brushing puts fluoride onto the place affected where there is some evidence it helps protect teeth, parents can obtain fluoride tablets should they wish.
  • The health warning on fluoridated toothpastes says not to swallow and to seek medical advice if ingested, precisely because fluoride has long been known to be toxic.
  • recent studies implicate fluoride in a number of ailments including the hardening of arteries and therefore heart disease, the lowering of IQ, an increase in tumours and cancers, and number of other serious complaints.

Please see –

And Harvard have recently published a meta-study showing that fluoride lowers IQ in children