Say NO to Hull fluoridation


Here’s Dr Paul Connett on the truth about Fluoridation. (Author of 50 Reasons against Fluoridation)

c.5m: Makes point of how tiny the fraction of fluoride is in mother’s milk.

c.20m: Amount of fluoride isn’t relevant to dental health in an area. The wealth of the citizens is a much better indicator.

c.55m: Use of fluoride is topical. You don’t stick it in the water.

On Jan 15, it was announced that Hull City Council is to pursue the fluoridation of the city’s water supply.

We object to this on the following grounds:

  • most of the world’s countries show marked improvements in dental health with or without fluoridation (Image search: WHO fluoride)
  • fluoridation is mass medication with no control of dosage and without informed consent.
  • Germany, Denmark and the UK enjoy the lowest dental decay in the EU, however only the UK partly fluoridates.
  • Most of the world does not fluoridate – but still shows marked dental health improvement. Only 11% of the UK population is fluoridated.
  • Fluoride is the only chemical added to water for medical treatment.
  • There are easy alternatives – eg, brushing puts fluoride onto the place affected where there is some evidence it helps protect teeth, parents can obtain fluoride tablets should they wish.
  • The health warning on fluoridated toothpastes says not to swallow and to seek medical advice if ingested, precisely because fluoride has long been known to be toxic.
  • recent studies implicate fluoride in a number of ailments including the hardening of arteries and therefore heart disease, the lowering of IQ, an increase in tumours and cancers, and number of other serious complaints.

Please see –

And Harvard have recently published a meta-study showing that fluoride lowers IQ in children


7 thoughts on “Say NO to Hull fluoridation

  1. Don’t fluoridate my water !

    I absolutely object to this.

    They have no right to mass medicate.

    This must be stopped !

    • indeed. There is no right to mass medicate, from the EU Convention on Human Rights. Interestingly, fluoride is the only medication added to water for health reasons (as opposed to cleaning water for potability). Currently only 11% of the UK population are forced to have this.

  2. I completely agree to no flouride in water and my wife is of the same opinion. No decision on this by the council without a clear majority from all council tax payers.

  3. The type of fluoride added to tap water is fluorosilicic acid – industrial waste from phosphate fertilizer factory chimney scrubbers. It’s contaminated with arsenic, lead, mercury etc. It’s not of pharmaceutical grade unlike the fluoride added to toothpaste. It goes against all medical ethics to fluoridate whole communities, as medication should be prescribed individually.
    Fluoride causes dental staining called fluorosis, brittle bones etc. Just Google ‘fluoride + poison.’

  4. This is mass poisoning. Not in my name. Responsible parents would take responsibility for the state of their children’s teeth without the need of inflicting damage on the wider community.

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