The Green Party welcomes Siemens.

Diana Johnson asked in House of Commons yesterday: “Is the Secretary of State aware that the UK Independence party opposes that investment and those jobs coming to Hull, and that the Greens are calling for a boycott of Siemens locally as well?”

My Twitter reply –

– “Greens are calling for a boycott of Siemens locally” – No, we’re not. We never have. We haven’t even discussed it.

– As I informed you explicitly before when you first pushed this 2 months ago.

Our full response: –

The Green Party will welcome Siemens to Hull, its commitment to renewable energy and the 700 jobs it will bring.

Frequently mentioned are 10,000 knock-on jobs from this but we challenge those interested to come up with figures, otherwise it’s just wishful thinking.
700 jobs will be most welcome in an area with high unemployment such as Hull. But 700 jobs hardly matches the 2000 jobs cut by the Labour council and the Lib Dem council before that, promoting the government’s austerity.
hull-cuts-2ndNevertheless, Siemens is a huge multinational, and as such, not the Greens first port of call as we would prefer creating a smaller scale energy-generating democracy – such as Green Party councillors in West Yorkshire are already delivering with solar panels and free electricity for 4000 tenants.
Figures show Hull is going to be the second worst affected council by cuts this year across the whole country.
So after years of delay landing a contract, we look forward to the Siemens jobs actually starting.
Martin Deane
Hull and East Riding Green Party

23 thoughts on “The Green Party welcomes Siemens.

    • Why does modern politics have to be all about bombing? I read recently how Blair realised that all successful prime minsters had had a war. This may have been wishful thinking on his part, or having hung out with the Americans to much (who are never short of wars!).

  1. Does the Green Party intend on ending the Milankovitch cycles in order to preserve our valuable ecosystem and impending sustainable civilisation ?

  2. Siemens is German. Koreans want to sell us turbines too.
    Why is there no British equivalent ? What will the Green Party do about promoting big renewable business UK based ?

    • Hi Allen,
      It’s great we’ve got some jobs coming to the city – rather than watching TPTB destroy them.
      But your questions stand. There’s plenty more to be said.
      Why don’t we have a top UK wind turbine company?
      There are industries we subsidise – like the arms industry and £1bn in hidden subsidies.
      But the existing oil/energy industries remain very powerful – even if there was the political will.
      In the short term the Green Party wants renewable energy to profit the people –
      eg solar panels on 2000 Huddersfield homes –

      Renewables is an industry we have serious plans for – up to 900Twh per year!
      We want to enable councils to develop energy plans (as Kirklees has been doing, under Green leadership in that area)
      There’s plenty more, including large-scale government plant. plans here –

      • Why can the UK not be a major contributer to efforts to mine resources from the moon and asteroids ? China is working on moon mining, American companies think big enough to be aiming at asteroids. The Green Party is surely not luddite enough to deny these opportunities to outgrow the resource limits of our planet, simply because some Negative Nellies from the Club of Rome couldn’t be bothered to open their minds ?

  3. “If war is the result of human nature, as the neo-Hobbesians insist—despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary—then these institutions are needed to protect us from one another. But if man’s inhumanity to man is a consequence of the institutions themselves, and in fact, we kill one another despite our inner nature, then it is time we recognized that civilization is the malady that calls itself the cure.”

  4. Isn’t it unfair to other, poorer people to have the Siemens job in this country ? How can we have a socialist world when workers of one place are held to be more deserving than workers of others ? Giving the work to local workers deprives other’s of the chance. Why not eliminate competition as a part of economics ?

    • I read that Siemens had gone for Hull after considering a 100 sites around Europe. Doubtless it was our hardworking nature (when Tories aren’t busily destroying jobs), our incomparable music scene, our unmatched ability to watch sport, and being City of Culture, that swung it. 🙂 Mind you, I’d rather have seen the city covered in solar panels than millions spent on a deep water port.

  5. But if it were up to you, you would asses the various options and insist that Siemens move their plant to where it’s wages were most in need, rather than where it is most cost effective for the company, yes ? Maybe if there is a poor village in Romania it should go there instead, and remove the profit seeking aspect ?

    • If it were up to me… very tempting. 🙂
      I’d like to see each country/region having its own renewable energy companies.
      There’s a lot to do to get countries having their backbone of energy (baseload) provided by renewables, and preferably aiming for 100%, as some states we could name.

  6. What makes you think I want to sell the denial of jobs? Quite the opposite. The Green Party has always planned investing heavily in renewables and energy conservation, for example. For two general elections now our job plans have included creating a million jobs in industries such as those, and others.

  7. I think that because you don’t seem to mind the idea of building a turbine plant where people are poor, rather than were it would be most profitable. People are poorer in Romania, hence build it there.

    • Obviously this is an example of how NOT to argue. it’s called a strawman, where you make up an argument for your opponent so you can demolish it, or in this case reductio ad absurdam. (reduce to the absurd).

      In fact there are wind turbines already in Hull, not many, but they’re used by industry. So there’s no contradiction in putting them in ANY area, as long as there is wind. The wind blows for the poor too! Add in constantly developing technology and we’re probably very close. We don’t have to leave it to Rock Port, Missouri (100% wind), or Georgetown, Texas (full wind and solar power by 2017), or Denmark which generates 140% of its electricity through wind and sells it abroad.

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