Fukushima 2016 -No cure. No good news.

Here’s Arnie Gundersen, top commentator on the unparalleled Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Arnie cites 2  recent reports, one by Japanese medics and one by TEPCO, the energy company responsible. These admit there will be numerous cancers developing in Japan due to the radiation from the triple meltdown. TEPCO has admitted a first case of cancer among one of its longterm employees.

Arnie and many others predicts at least 100,000 and as many as one million more cancers across Japan to come due to the accident

Thyroid cancer is running at 230 x higher than normal in Fukushima Prefecture, according to one report. Many more cases are expected to be discovered over the next 5 years.

These illnesses are inevitable due to exposure to radiation.

Moreover, Japan and the IAEA have a series of mathematical formulae which predict the cancer risks – and systematically underestimate them.

Nuclear power is internationally promoted and protected by the IAEA. One systemic problem is that the WHO cannot comment on radiation matters by agreement! So it is left to the top industry commission to comment.

The other problem is this: thee events weren’t supposed to be able to happen! But they did. This is the worst failure of the nuclear power industry. Instead of leaving it to the Japanese government and TEPCO to solve this, this is an international problem which demands an international response to get even close to picking up the pieces. This is because to do it properly would wreck the Japanese economy. this is essentially why Germany has renounced nuclear. However, a million extra cancers is a good reason too! Neither should Japan and TEPCO have to underwrite the costs. There is an onus on the international nuclear industry and on the international nuclear community too to clean up its mess – on behalf of Japan, its people, the people of other countries affected, and indeed the planet.