Russia didn’t do it!

The wrong candidate won but blaming Russia could have far-reaching consequences.
When the leaked real DNC emails revealed damaging information about her, blaming Russia was the best idea the Clinton campaign could come up with. Assange and Wikileaks say it’s nothing to do with Russia – and they should know, they got the leaks!
But the CIA today joining in blaming Russia will only heighten tensions that could lead to world war – maybe over the flashpoint which is Syria, where Russia is (legally) an ally of Assad, or on its own borders, where NATO is running exercises with about 300,000 troops – sparking a similar build-up of troops on the Russian side.
But this all started off as ‘change the story’ PR. Clinton was in trouble when the leaks happened because they showed her to be an absolute warmonger – and therefore a shoe-in as president! – as long as she could be sold to the public. But the public bought the other guy. The anti-establishment establishment one.
To any right thinking person, the emails were damaging. So what do you do? Change the story – make it that the Russians had hacked the DNC. Now it becomes a kneejerk national security issue – which Clinton can then sound tough on. Trump less so, since he’s said some nice things about Putin – thus it’s a veiled attack on Trump too.
ALL THIS is highly likely to have been thought out in advance by the PR guys around Clinton. Now the establishment is miffed because their preferred candidate lost – just look at the huge amount of positive media coverage Clinton got in advance of the election compared to Trump.
But how far will this intelligence-driven non-story get?
Craig Murray is on the money (1). The Russians had nothing to do with it. Insiders troubled by Clinton’s dealings leaked her (illegal) private server to wikileaks. Julian Assange is hounded by the US government precisely because when their secrets get out, especially about the Middle East, it puts them in a bad light!
Question is, how far will they go? Is there enough CIA and elite animosity towards Trump to get a political coup in their own country? This guy who convincingly won across the electoral college. As sour grapes go though, this is quite serious.
After all, the CIA has conducted coups in far more countries.
Martin Deane
Hull and East Riding Green Party