Hospital Dental Extractions 2016

In 2015-2016, there were 187 hospital dental extractions in Hull – and 169 in the East Riding. The righthand table here shows the % of the age population that have hospital extractions. Here you can see Hull is the lowest in the region.

Hospital Dental Extractinos 2016, FCEs

If we focus on extractions primarily for caries (bad teeth), we get lower figures. You can see again that Hull scores well in the region. (The * means 6 or less extractions).

Hospital Dental Extractions, Caries 2016, FCEs

If we look at older figures, we can see, there were 220 extractions (for caries??) 3 years ago. If we use this figure, by 2016 there are 15% fewer extractions, a regular 5% a year improvement (without any fluoridation, of course).

Hospital Dental Extractions 2012-13


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