Labour – welcome back.

Labour – welcome back!

No really, it’s been a while.

Love, the Green Party.

The Draft Manifesto is a welcome change from the neoliberal exploitation we’ve become used to since Thatcher. Tony Benn’s favourite quote from Thatcher was her response to the question of her greatest achievement… Tony Blair, she said…

Gone is the Labour of PFI (private loans brought in for public services, ramped up astronomically by New Labour, especially for the NHS), austerity (brought in by Labour after the banks held us to ransom and Labour paid it, caving to financial incompetence), tuition fees (brought in by Labour, paving the way for what’s effectively private universities paid for by students now).

Here it is: Labour_draft_manifesto_110517

Standout points for me include scrapping tuition fees, raising spending on the NHS – vital after years of chronic underfunding; the commitment to renewables, £10 minimum wage (surpassing out £10 ph 2015 promise for 2020); the company wage ratio of 20 to 1 for firms that want to do government business. The Green Party’s is 10 to 1 for all businesses – but a great start with government leading the way. That will confuse the A4E’s of this world – nothing they don’t deserve. It will begin to help Britain approach the level of social democracy enjoyed by the Scandinavian countries. A Clean Air Act, ban on neonicotinoids, Blue Belts for the seas, a million trees, and a good start on animal welfare, ceasing the badger cull, maintaining the fox hunting ban.

It’s particularly welcome because we’ve campaigned for social justice strongly since 2010 – not prepared to see rises in poverty, or disabled people die because of  %*£$^&! ATOS testing brought in by Blair’s Labour or energy companies put prices up so regularly that older people have to choose between heating and eating and die in their tens of  thousands in a cold winter.

And, we hope, an end to imperial adventures like Iraq.. Instead, it promises to:

  • have Britain honouring its international treaties and
  • ‘strain every sinew’ to be a peacemaker for Syria.
  • suspend arms deals with Saudi Arabia. Boom.
  • Trident’s there though (not Boom, ever)
  • Two state solution for Israel and Palestine

The raft of social justice policies is very welcome – stopping upward wealth migration – at last! And pledging to I like the New Investment Bank idea – building on our longstanding Green Investment Bank.

Plenty more. 45 pages. good stuff. Look forward to the finished version.

But you know the best thing?

Labour’s just challenged the most progressive party in the country – US.

You won’t believe what happens next.