Now that’s what I call democracy…

On June 8th, the Green Party scored 1.6% of the vote nationally. In a fair system this would mean 10 Green MPs. But who would they be?

Top Ten Green MPs 2017 election

1. (Dr) Caroline Lucas, Brighton Pavilion – MP since 2010, former MEP for SW region.
2. Vix Lowthion, Isle of Wight – lecturer in Geology, Geography and History.
3. (Dr) Molly Scott Cato, Bristol West – currently MEP for SW, former Professor of Economics.
4. Natalie Bennett, Sheffield Central – former Green leader.
5. Andy Brown, Skipton and Ripon – retired, former deputy head of Keighley College.
6. Caroline Russell, Islington North – up against Jeremy Corbyn (who won with 73%).
7. Jonathan Essex, Reigate – Green councillor and chartered civil engineer working in international development.
8. Sian Berry , Holborn & St Pancras, former London mayor candidate, former Green Principal Speaker .
9. Larry Sanders, Oxford East – brother of Bernie Sanders, American left Democratic candidate with Hillary Clinton.
10. Andrew Cooper, Huddersfield – Green Party Energy spokesperson, former lead candidate Y&H Euro elections 2014.

But we didn’t get 10 MPs, we only got one. Why? Because FPTP (First past the post) is geographical, ONLY the winner’s votes count in a constituency. Here are the total national votes per elected MP based on this flawed, outdated, unrepresentative, undemocratic electoral system :

Green 523,269
LibDem 193,952
Lab 49,136
Con 43,075
PC 41,166
SF 34,130
SNP 27,930
DUP 29,231
UKIP – over 500,000. No MP.

This means it is TEN TIMES HARDER for people to successfully vote Green, or Ukip, than for Labour or the Tory voters, who require only 50,000 votes per MP.

But what’s more, in a fairer Proportional Voting system, (used in London, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, the unions, inside most political parties), or such as the Euro elections, Greens score 8% – which would give the country 52 Green MPs.

Our elections are geographical. Someone can win with 25,000 votes in a constituency by coming first. All the other candidates’ votes are disregarded. But it you add them up and then divide their total by the number of MPs they get, then you get the figures above. Over 500,000 people voted Green but because they are spread around the country, only Caroline Lucas got it in Brighton. Similarly Ukip, but no MP. Labour and Tory are strong in many areas so they can win a MP for near 50,000 votes.

WANT TO CHANGE THIS? Call for Electoral Reform here.


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