The 2017 General Election shows why we need PR.

The argument for proportional representation has never been stronger. Something that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour needs to revisit and take onboard.

The system is horribly skewed against smaller parties. It takes about twice as much work according to this to get a Lib Dem MP, and over TEN TIMES as much work to get a Green MP.

The SNP breaks the trend below – but then the Scottish system already has PR.


Chart: number of votes per MP, 2017 UK General Election.

Con:  13,669,883 votes gave 318 MPs or 42,987 votes per MP.

Lab:  12,878,460 votes gave 262 MPs or 49,154  votes per MP.

SNP:  977,569 gave  35 MPs or 27,930 votes per MP.

Lib Dem:  2,371,910 gave 12 MPs = 197,659 votes per MP.

Green:  525,435 gave 1  MP.  Proving the point.