We’ve just shown the End of Suburbia here in Hull. It really outlines what we’re up against. The decline of oil rarely gets seriously talked about. The reason? It’s just too scary.

Oil’s days are numbered. The peak in discovery was 60 years ago. Even big finds today would only keep us going a few days. But you won’t hear about this from the oil companies either. Nothing must rattle their sacred share price. As for the alternatives: coal, uranium, hydrogen – their days are numbered too!

Psychologically we are in denial. It’s too challenging to our way of life – so therefore it isn’t happening!

We must wake up to these issues and we need leaders who will face these ultimatums from resource decline and the effects of degradation; people who will take on Parliament and the banks and the giant corporations.

That’s why we really do need serious investment in renewable energy sources.

For all our futures.

And that’s why we need a serious Green vote in Hull.

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Martin Deane:  07812 838701


for Hull North constituency.

for Avenue Ward.


106 Belvoir Street,

Hull HU5 3LR


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  1. Hi Martin, Ken here from the SWP haven’t been around lately but I still am.. if you see what I mean. I’ve just started following you on twitter… I’ve been there a while but I thought while I’m incapacitated I’d try and use it.

    I’ve had an hernia and had the operation on the 20th of October and I’m still suffering..

    anyway.. seems there are lots of Vodafone demos today . Make them pay the tax they owe in full.

    On twitter @kc1411

    • AFAIK, we haven’t approached or been approached by any party re a coalition. My favoured party would be the Co-op Party and seek a break from neoliberal Labour. Also the NLP(!) stood one candidate in 2010 whereas we managed about half the Parliamentary seats. It has to be worth our while. It would also be nice to see parties like TUSC and SP campainging at local level; in many areas we could arrange not to stand against each other. But you need year-round campaigning to win and that’s just not happening.

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