Wind power provides 90,000 jobs – in Germany

This Telegraph article has a lot to say on wind.
An interesting comparison between us and Germany is that it has more individual, group and local ownership of turbines, compared to ours almost exclusively being major companies. Germany produces more wind power than us, with less wind resource.
Germany is the world’s third largest in wind power, behind China and the United States. Germany produces 29GW (2011). In 2011 we passed 5GW making the UK the seventh country in the world to reach this capacity – so maybe we’re not such the Old Man of Europe on this issue. Germany’s population is 82 million compared to our 62 m. Wind power in Germany provides over 90,000 jobs…  Denmark and particularly Spain are doing astoundingly well.
Despite various attacks about blights on countryside and health scares, the Telegraph points out that a recent ComRes poll states that 68% support windfarms.

Defend the NHS! Stop Hull area local cuts.

Ever known anyone who’s been ill?? There’s a rally for the NHS in Hull today: 12 noon, BBC Building, Queen’s Gardens. Major changes are on the way – and none of them to your advantage!

And a lovely bright morning for the rally too! Patient-campaigners Dermot Rathbone and Danny Marten will be there protesting the austerity assault. The first major casualty is cardiology at Castle Hill with one ward closed already (Ward 6). Then there’s neurology at Hull Royal with another ward to go after a merger of a stroke ward and a neurology ward.

Hull unions Unison, PCS and UCU will be there, and probably at least one MP. Let them know how you feel!

Our city’s thanks should go to Dermot Rathbone and Danny Marten for taking a lead on this. But it’s not out of concern that Dermot does this – but out of vital need! Interventions by Hull Royal’s neurology team saved his life. Their determination to get to the root of his rare neurological condition have brought him the specialist help he needs.

Heart specialists in the city have condemned the closure of Ward Six, cardiology, at Castle Hill Hospital, insisting the move will seriously harm patient care.

Meanwhile, unprecedented in this area,  17 neurologists have already sent a letter to health officials voicing “deep concern” over the cuts following the merger of a neurology ward with a stroke ward at Hull Royal Infirmary.

Local media tell us that 300 beds are to be axed to save money. Prof. John Cleland (Head of Cardiac Services) said this about the butchery of heart care, ““The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) thinks that’s dangerous and I would endorse that.”

Local neurologists say: “Due the closure of the neurology ward at Hull Royal, there are no specialist neurology beds in the trust. We have voiced our concerns on numerous occasions at managerial meetings and our opinions and concerns have been disregarded and a dictatorial approach has been taken, with new changes to our service implemented against our advice.”

The purpose of today’s rally will be to highlight to the public how much of a disaster the Trust’s actions will be to our community, and to petition the public to pile pressure on those who can reverse the decision.

Speakers today should include clinicians, unionists and politicians, but the people who will really make a difference are local people making their voices heard and taking action.

A friend wrote to me about her brother who recently had surgery on the cardiac ward: “the ward he had his surgery on yesterday is getting closed on Friday! It is appalling!”

The difference that local provision makes for critical services like cardiac care is the difference between life and death.

We hope people in the area realise what they’re losing with these closures!

Get involved:

Save Our Local NHS

The rally was lead item on BBC Look North

NHS Rally in the Hull Daily Mail

British government push for war on Syria

The British government will have no problem going to war with Syria. Like Iraq, they have just to get the public onside. Even moreso, like Libya, where the same recipe is being followed: foment trouble, insert foreign fighters, provide lots of funding and arms, bribe and seduce senior army with promises of posts and riches in the new government.

Almost the entire government voted for the “No Fly Zone” over Libya (11 voted against). No-one remembered the NFZ over Iraq, or if they did maybe they were unaware of the tens of thousands of bombing raids that took place over those (‘non-war’) years. Lo and behold, a major set of NATO bombing raids took place seriously degrading Libya’s ability to protect its peace. We’re getting a close replay in Syria now.

Was it a simple mistake by some BBC teenager who put up the UN Space Command logo (from the game Halo) on to the BBC News backdrop? Or was it irony? From someone who was thinking we may as well treat this next war as a game, the last one was! And the one before that.


BBC pretends dead Iraqi kids from 2003, are Syrian dead.

This, hot on the heels of another BBC attempt to blame the Syrian government for dozens of dead children,  showing an Iraqi child jumping over rows of dead, shrouded youngsters (in Iraq).

The Green Party consistently rejects the imperial and resource wars that America and Britain have been conducting , principally Afghanistan and Iraq, but also involvement in Libya and the drive to start a war on Iran.

Hull Green Party to welcome Deputy Leader to Hull on Friday

ImageGreen Party Deputy Leader, Adrian Ramsay, will speak in Beverley and Hull on 1st and 2nd December.

In a momentous week, where Wednesday may see the biggest strike since 1926, Hull Green Party will hear Deputy Leader Adrian Ramsay on how cuts to jobs and attacks on pensions are the wrong way to go.

“Government has responded to the recession by making sweeping cuts to public services. The Green Party has said from the outset that this is the wrong approach,” says Adrian Ramsay.

“The cuts are punishing the most vulnerable in our society while failing to address the reckless behaviour of parts of the banking industry that caused the recession in the first place.”

Adrian Ramsay will speak about the Green vision for the economy as the way out of inequality and debt.

“Cutting jobs and public services is a false economy as it leads to more people claiming benefits and greater burdens on the NHS, police and social services, “Adrian Ramsay comments.

Recently, the difference between Tory and Labour spending policies was shown as $5bn (0.3% of GDP) (Newsnight, 25 Nov). Osborne is just more zealously pursuing many cuts which Labour also planned.

Adrian counters, “The best way to build a stable economy is to create jobs in areas where they are most needed. Producing more of the foods and manufactured goods we need in the UK would boost jobs and cut carbon emissions. Investing in home insulation schemes, rail and bus services and renewable energy could create a million new jobs while cutting people’s bills.”

Adrian Ramsay will be available for interviews.
Adrian will speak at:

Beverley, Norwood Methodist Church on Thursday 1st Dec at 7.30
Hull University Larkin Building on Friday 2nd at 2-4pm,
and at Relax Café, Newland Ave, 5pm.

Adrian Ramsay was Norwich City councillor for many years. He received the second biggest Green vote in the country in the General Election. Adrian built up Norwich Green Party over 10 years to second on the Council (14 councillors to Labour’s 16).